36 cats rescued so far!

Saturday 1-26-08 8:00pm

Today we trapped 4 more cats from the hoarding situation in the Valley which brings the count up to 36 cats so far. We know there are at least 4 more cats in the house as we have seen them in the past and have not trapped them yet. However, everyday this week we have trapped cats we had never seen so we really don’t have any idea how many cats are left! Just to put your mind at ease, we will keep trapping until we know there are no cats left. Then, we will cover the filthy floors in baking flour to see if any foot prints appear. This is important because a cat may be sick and not eating but we would see his/her footprints. I promise you we will not leave any cats behind!

The two cats who were in critical condition have pulled through and were brought yesterday to our temporary site. They are HUGE love bugs!!! We still have 2 cats at the vet and hope they pull through as well. One of them has a really bad upper respiratory infection and can barely breath. The other, Matty, a long hair orange tabby, is a very sad story. We had seen him in the house many times and I tried to grab him twice. Both times he slipped through my hands because the matting is so bad there is nothing to grab. Thankfully, my friend Pia and I took the time this week to get him secured in a space he could not escape and we got him. The vet said poor Matty was basically starving to death. He is so fearful of everything (but not feral) that he must not have been able to get any food with all those cats. In addition, he can’t hear so he gets startled very easily. Once his health improves he will be sedated to be shaved and to find out why he can’t hear.

Here is what we still need:

SUPPLIES: Thank you SO much to everyone who has already dropped off blankets, towels, bowls, etc. We could not have set up our temporary site without all these supplies. I and the kitties thank you! We still are in need of small cat beds, litter, jugs of water, wellness canned food (trying to keep the cats on the same food to prevent even more diarrhea than we already have there), treats, etc. We are still in DESPERATE need of large (great Dane size) wire cages. Right now we only have room for one more cat so we need to get cages ASAP. Supplies can be dropped off in either Sherman Oaks, Redondo Beach, Corona or Canyon Lake. Email Jane@janegarrison.com and let me know which address you need for drop off.

VOLUNTEERS: We are scheduling volunteers to go to the temporary site in Malibu and help socialize the cats. So far all but 4 cats are friendly but just scared. Today, many of the cats who were really shy came around and even purred for the first time! We need people who can handle cats and help let the cats know they are safe. If you can volunteer please email Evelyn at Evegan@gmail.com. It would be great if you can take one day/night each week so we know we have that day covered each week. We have someone to feed and do litter boxes each day but the cats REALLY need some TLC. We are also desperate for someone to post all these cats on Craig’s list, Petfinder and 1800saveapet.com. Email Jane@janegarrison.com if you can help with this.

DONATIONS: Please help with vet bills and donate at Straycatalliance.org

HOMES: Last but NOT least. These cats need homes!!! If you can open your home and heart to one or two or even three of these kitties please email EVegan@gmail.com for an application. Put in subject “interested in adopting cat from Valley Hoarding situation”.

We will have photos soon but here is a description of some of the amazing kitties:

Queen Bee – F long hair grey and white. Very friendly and inquisitive. Named Queen Bee because the first day we arrived at the house she just sat still in her box (the only place not covered in feces) like a Queen Bee watching all of us!

Blossom – F Maine Coon-type. Extremely affectionate! Likes other cats, but possibly to boss them around!

Inspector – M large B&W, adorable mask on face, needs to know everything that is going on and say hello to all the new arrivals. We can’t set up a cage without him checking out what we are doing!

Ariana – F black short hair, very sweet and affectionate. One of the kitties who was in critical condition but pulled through. She is a lover!

Abby – F toothless, tiny senior Abyssinian. Very sweet.

Vinnie – M HUGE, long-hair white, black with tabby markings on face. One ear partly gone from??– very, sweet and friendly.

Big D – M large orange tabby, super sweet face and personality. (Named in honor of someone very special!). Big talker!

Lover Boy – mackerel tabby, adorable personality – rolls on his back and gives you a come hither look!

3 bonded Lynx-point short or medium hair- very content and beautiful. These three are SO bonded and sleep in one big pile of cuteness!

Bonded pair of Maine Coons – one seems senior. Must stay together…they LOVE each other!

Thank you all for everything!

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