3rd day of rescuing from cat hoarding situation

January 22, 2008 

I have spent the last 3 days in one of the most disgusting and neglectful situations I have EVER seen for cats. A hoarder in the Valley has over 30 cats in a house that looks like it has not been cleaned in years and years. It is not the number of cats that is the problem…it is the conditions they are forced to live. The floors are COVERED in inches of feces and urine, there is not one clean place for the cats (or humans) to even stand/sit and the smell is absolutely unbearable (even with a face mask on). We found one dead cat already and believe there are others hidden in the rafters. Another cat died in a volunteer’s arms when we got her to the vet and 2 others are in critical condition. All the cats are suffering from upper respiratory infections, eye infections, worms, etc.. Most of the long hair cats are so matted with feces they will have to be shaved. Words can not even begin to describe the condition of this house. We are getting the cats out and moving them to a temporary location. We took 20 cats so far and hope to get at least 8 more tomorrow. It is an absolute nightmare for these cats.


SUPPLIES: We are desperate for large wire cages for our temporary holding site (this is the most important item we need). Other important supplies are cat food, cat treats, towels, cat beds, litter boxes, litter, blankets, bowls, toys, etc. Supplies can be dropped of in Redondo Beach, Sherman Oaks, Corona or Canyon Lake. Email Jane@janegarrison.com for the address of the drop off location close to you. Put in subject of email “drop off in _____”.

HOMES FOR THE CATS: All the cats are extremely sweet but scared. One is so old that she is missing all of her teeth. Her little tongue just hangs out…she was so happy to get wet food…she purred so loudly. I do not know how she even survived in that situation. The other cats include several Maine coons, Siamese, tuxedos, Abyssinians, orange tabby and more…photos to follow soon. If you can adopt one or more of these cats please email Jane@janegarrison.com. We would like to adopt the cats out in pairs as the cats are bonded to each other.

VOLUNTEERS: The cats are being held at a house in Malibu (all in cages). We need volunteers to feed the cats, brush them, love them, etc. I spent two hours with them tonight (while brining 5 more cats to the site) and they were so much more relaxed after this precious time together. These cats are going through post traumatic stress and need to know they are loved and safe. If you can go to Malibu at least one day a week for 2 hours please email Jane@janegarrison.com and put ” volunteer for cats” in subject.

VET CARE: We have 2 cats in critical and all the others need to be seen by the vet, treated for worms, upper respiratory infections, parasites, eye infections, and many other aliments. Donations for vet care should be sent to Stray Cat Alliance. Visit straycatalliance.org

Thank you so much for helping with these kitties!!!

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