Cat hoarding situation discovered

January 20, 2008 

I just left the most disgusting hoarding situation in the Valley. At least 20 cats (maybe more) living in the worst conditions I have ever seen (even worse than most of the houses I rescued animals out of in New Orleans!). The cats literally have NO WHERE to even sit that is not COVERED in feces. The smell is so bad that even through a face mask you can’t breath.

More info and photos will follow but here is the URGENT need:

* We need a warehouse, barn or garage where we can set up 20 wire cages to put the cats and monitor their condition. We will need to figure out who needs what and who is adoptable. The cats CAN’T stay in there much longer. We already found one cat dead and three who are in critical condition are at the vet already. The cats will not survive in that situation much longer…we MUST move them.

* We also need wire cages, blankets, cat beds and toys. All supplies can be dropped off in either Redondo Beach or in the Valley. Email for the addresses.

If you know a place we can put the cats or you can help with supplies please email me ASAP at

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  1. Laydee D says:

    Your blog is very informative, I have learned so much from it. It is like daily newspaper :). Added to fav’s.