Swine Flu

It is no surprise that the pork industry is upset that there has been a decline in the sale of pork since the swine flu epidemic. They have gone so far as to ask the World Health Org to change the name of the flu. How about they stop putting energy into the name of the flu and look at what is causing it? When you cram pigs, cats, chickens, dogs, or even horses into a space that is so small they can’t even move and deny them every bit of comfort… of course the animal is going to get sick. This is no surprise. We see it at animal shelters on a daily basis. The cats and dogs are kept in small cages, are under incredible stress and come down with URI (Upper respiratory disease). It is the same thing with pigs. These factory farms cram about 5,000 pigs into one shed, place each individual pig in a metal crate (on cement) that is so small the pig can’t even lay down or turn around and force them to “live” like that for their entire life…sometimes a few YEARS! Is it really a surprise that the pigs get sick? Of course not. Think about when you are under a lot of stress from work or school…that is when you get a cold or the flu. We need to go to the source of this problem and stop treating animals like they are not a living, feeling being. As consumers you can make a difference…do not buy pork. Do not support companies that are treating animals in a way you would never do yourself. Do not support companies that are putting the entire world at risk with epidemics like Swine flu. Pigs are smarter than dogs…this is a known fact. Do you have a dog? Would you ever make your dog live in a cage so small she could not even lay down? Would you pump your dog with antibiotics when she gets sick in that cage instead of giving her more space? Would you deny your dog access to sunlight and fresh air? Of course not…then why support companies who do this to pigs? Start today by saying goodbye to pork products…healthier for you, healthier for the pigs and healthier for our planet!

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