Some good news!


Monday morning I went to check the traps knowing that we still had at least 4 cats in the house (these are cats we had seen but had not trapped yet). I walked in the house delighted to see 4 traps with cats…three contained cats we knew about and one was an adorable black cat we had never seen. This meant that for sure a CUTE orange and white kitty was still in the house…possibly all alone. I took the traps outside and loaded them in my car. I just kept thinking that this poor little orange and white kitty may be in that disgusting house and all his friends are now gone…

I decided to set several traps and leave them open day and night (which would mean returning to the Valley a few times a day). I went back in the house and as I was setting the traps I heard a little voice speaking to me from the rafters. Sure enough it was the little orange and white boy. He would not stop meowing at me but would not come down. I could feel in my heart that he was saying “don’t leave me here alone!”. I found an old tall bar stool that I climbed on to be able to reach the rafters. Talking to him the whole time I reached into the rafters to try and convince him to come. When I put my hand out for him to smell he rubbed his sweet face against my hand. He truly wanted to come with me but he was just so scared. I spent some time talking to him and letting him know he could trust me. When the time was right I grabbed him and jumped down from the rafters with him in my arms! Safe at last! I felt in my heart that he was the last cat in the house so I named him… Finale.

Monday and Tuesday night I left a tiny amount of food in a bowl and several traps to see if there were any other cats. No cats in traps and no food gone. I went there again tonight and put baking flour on the floor to be certain that there are no cats in the house. However, I feel VERY confident that Finale will live up to his name!

Animals never fail to amaze me. In the almost 2 weeks I have been going to that house, little Finale never said a peep to me. But, he knew when all his friends were gone that I was his only chance to get out of that horrific situation and he certainly let me know. What a way to end this rescue!

We are DESPERATE for 2 things at this point…permanent homes and volunteers to work with the cats. If you can help with either please let me know!


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