Dog from Freeway Update

daisy-up-close.jpgAfter 2 1/2 weeks at the shelter (they held her this long because she had a chip) no one came for Daisy. The shelter called and said they were going to kill her because she had an injured leg. After surviving the 110 freeway I could not let her die in the shelter. Last Friday I went and got her. She went right to the vet to have her leg looked at. The poor girl has a VERY bad break. The break is so bad that it requires surgery to put in a metal plate. To think she has been at the shelter for 2 1/2 weeks with a broken leg is just too sad to imagine. Despite everything she has been through she is the most loving, sweet, affectionate dog I have ever met! She loves nothing more than to sit on your lap or in her little bed next to you. She rolls over for belly rubs as you walk over to her and wags her tail as soon as you even look at her! Keep her in your thougts today as she goes in for her big surgery. The poor baby will be so scared thinking she is back at the shelter. Of course I will send her with her little bed and a shirtt that has my scent on it…hopefully that will give her some comfort.

6 Responses to “Dog from Freeway Update”

  1. Anne Hager says:

    The poor baby! Bless you for rescuing her! I’d take her myself, but my menagerie is full. However, I shall spread the word about Miss Daisy to everyone I know. She appears to be a Dachshund X, yes?

  2. Bless you for helping Daisy. Let me know if you need help raising funds for Daisy and I will be happy to help. I rescued my pit bull Littles from the Burbank animal shelter; he was found on a local freeway (not sure which one) but it breaks my heart every time I think about it. I can’t imagine anyone dumping a dog on the freeway, and can only imagine their terror at being lost on there. I’m so thankful you saved her. Bless you!

  3. michelle says:

    any update on this dog? did she find a home?

  4. Sharon VanDewark says:

    Hi: I was hoping to get an update on Daisy, the “freeway dog” but don’t see anything. I have a lot of people asking me about her so if you could let me know how she is doing after the surgery…and if she has been adopted to a forever family, I would appreciate it. I try not to think of her on the fwy…it just gives me shivers. It is so horrible. I’m a volunteer with an animal shelter in Rosarito, Mex. so I know what it is like to see stray dogs…I stay upset for days. But this little girl…wow…what a miracle.

  5. Sharon VanDewark says:

    Hi: I was hoping to get an update on Daisy, the freeway dog but I don’t see anything. A lot of people have asked me if I know more about her condition.
    How did she do following surgery?
    Has she been adopted? I hope she has found a wonderful family who will love her to pieces considering what she has been through. Please let me know how she is. Thanks

  6. Colette says:

    Did Daisy make it alright from the surgery? her eyes reflect nothing but pain and sadness. what a shame.