Can a dog survive the 110 freeway?

We were driving to breakfast this morning on the 110 freeway and we saw this small black dog on the INSIDE shoulder sitting just 1 foot from the traffic! She looked TERRIFIED…wide eyed and panting! Needless to say we were freaking out! The freeway was so busy and we did not know what to do. We got off and swung around to see if we can figure out a way to get the dog. I called the CHP 3 times and begged them to come and stop traffic. I knew that if I tried to get her without the traffic stopped either her or I would be killed. Then when we were cricling around for the second time we saw a cop car and flagged him down. He actually rushed me off because he was on his way to save a dog on the freeway! When we tried to get back on the freeway the traffic was stopped so I knew they were trying to get our little friend. Sure enough…they got her. I called CHP again to find out where they brought her since I certainly did not want her to survive the 110 freeway only to die at the pound. I tracked her down and here she is!!! The good news is that she is micro chipped. So…here is hoping that someone loves her and is happy to hear she is safe. If she is not picked up I will go get her and find her a good home. What a morning!!! Lesson of the day…never assume you can’t rescue an animal off the freeway. First I rescued the pigeon off the 110 and now this little dog is saved! I think I will avoid the 110!!!
This DOG – ID#A0738945

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