Lab animals rescued!

Rescued Bunny from Lab–needs a home!I know I have been so bad about my blog lately. I have just been so busy with the animals New life animal sanctuary ( rescued from 2 labs and are being fostered by me! Most have found homes but I still have rats, hamsters, mice and 5 BEAUTIFUL white bunnies! These poor animals were tortured in labs and now have peace and love for teh first time in their lives. It has been amazing to watch them transform to trusting souls. Through my interaction with them I have learned once again how amazing animals are.

The day we rescued them and set them up in our garage they were really freaked out. Understandably, they did not trust humans and thought we were going to torture them. These animals were living in a windowless room, stuffed in drawers…yes drawers. No enrichment, no toys, no nothing. The first day I was tyring to give treats to six sister rats who we set up in a huge 2 story cage complete with nesting boxes, wheels, toys and more. They were hiding under a box I gave them because they were unsure of my intentions. As I held a piece of cracker in the cage they just looked at me with fear in their eyes. After speaking softly to them and reassuring them that I would never hurt them…one sister was brave enough to come and take the treat. What happened next amazed me. She took that cracker back to one sister and came for another. Then she brought that cracker to another sister…she did this to each of her scared sisters had a treat.Only then did she sit still and enjoy the cracker herself. It was such a beautiful act of love and kindness….one that many humans should learn from.

 The next day I noticed that all the mice in this one tank were gathering every piece of toilet paper they could find (we put tp in the tank for them to shred). All the mice made a huge nest in the corner. A few hours later one of the mice gave birth. Clearly, the other mice knew what was about to happen and helped this pregnant mouse prepare for her babies. The next day I watched as three mice (including the mom) moved all the babies out of the nest, rearranged the nest and then put all the babies back. Amazing.

Just because there are certain species like mice, rats, chickens, etc who we do not live with or come in contact with. We must never forget that all species have feelings…fear, love, thoughtfulness, etc. Fear is fear, pain is pain and love is love. It does not mater how small or large an animal is. People should remember that when making daily choices in your life. Only buy from companies that do not animal test. Choice a veggie burger over a cow burger. Only attend circuses that do not use animals. Do not support places like Sea World that holds amazing marine mammals as prisoners.

There are so many way you can help animals. I know it can be overwhelming but it is better to do something than nothing. Now…go do something!

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