Baby Seals

This time of year if always so sad when you consider what is happening in Canada to the baby seals. While spring should bring new life, hope and joy…baby seals are being clubbed by people who want to profit from the beautiful fur and their body parts. I remember years and years ago hearing about this barbaric act and thought “this will end soon”.  Sadly, nothing has changed. If you are not familiar with this horrific slaughter of beautiful baby seals, I urge you to go to and read about it. I know that it is painful to hear about these issues and even harder to see the photos. But as my late friend Gretchen used to say “we must endure with our eyes what they must endure with their bodies”. As humans we want to shield ourselves from seeing or knowing anything that will make us upset. I understand this feeling as I HATE hearing about anything sad. However, how can we change anything in this world if we don’t become educated about it? Change starts with an idea, an image, a feeling, a song, a book…anything that inspires us to actually get up and do something and create change. Change is the only thing that will make this world a better place. As I write this blog, baby seals are being clubbed to death in front of their mothers with absolutely no defense. This is unconscionable. Go to and write to the Canadian government to stop this unnecessary slaughter of beautiful baby seals. YOU are their only hope.

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