Do this for your mom!

Perhaps you want to do something to honor your Mom? Maybe you would like to do something in memory of your mom? Maybe you were not a great Mom and now want to make up for it!? I have the PERFECT suggestion! The gates have been open and kitten season is here is full force! Rescue groups are getting inundated with calls to take kittens and pregnant mothers. The shelters are so full with cats right now that beautiful adult cats are being killed by the thousands to make room for the kittens coming in. YOU can make a difference! YOU can save lives! This kitten season why not agree to foster one family of cats? The shelters have LOTS of moms with their babies. Sadly, like other cats they are typically held 5 days and then the entire family is killed (yes, even the adorable babies). I am putting together a list of people willing to take in a mother cat and her babies. You do not need a a lot of room to foster since you can keep them in a bathroom or a spare bedroom. The Mommy cat will do the work and you get to enjoy watching! Then, when the babies are old enough to be spayed and neutered (2 lbs or 12 weeks…whichever comes first) you can start to find them homes. I can give you tips on adopting out cats and what to look for in a good home. Mothers Day is next month…start now helping the feline mothers…their only hope is you!!! Email me at if you want to help.

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