Finally! The initiative is over!

Since the end of October I have spent every weekend collecting signatures for a California state ballot initiative that will ban veal crates, gestation crates for pregnant pigs (cages so small the pigs can’t even move) and battery cages for chickens (cages where 6-8 chickens are crammed in a cage). I must tell you…it was not an easy task nor was it super enjoyable. Yes, I did collect over 4,000 signatures but I must have asked over 20,000 people! It is not that people don’t agree with the initiative it is just that they are too busy to stop and hear about it. I would say that 99.9% of people who actually stopped and heard what the ballot initiative would do did sign. Of course, there were the few jerks who had to stop and say something stupid. I really did not care. What kept me going when there were jerks or when it was cold and rainy was the thought of those poor animals who don’t have anyone fighting for them. Those poor animals who don’t even have enough room to lay down when they are tired. Those poor animals who don’t have enough room to stretch their beautiful wings. Those poor animals who can’t even get comfortable while they are pregnant. The poor animals who are torn from their mothers right after they are born. The poor animals…the poor animals…the billions and billions of poor animals…THAT  is what kept me going. We can’t just close our eyes to the suffering these animals endure. We can’t just expect someone else to do something to help them. We can’t just hope that things will change. We can’t refuse to look with our eyes what these animals must endure with their bodies. We just can’t…we can’t…but…We CAN do something. We CAN educate ourselves ( We CAN tell others what we learn. We CAN volunteer with an animal group. We CAN vote with our wallets and refuse to eat animals. We CAN, we CAN, we CAN… stand up and help animals. I do it everyday and hope and beg you to join me in my quest to stop the suffering…it CAN be done.

3 Responses to “Finally! The initiative is over!”

  1. Tracy says:

    Thank you so much for your work on this initiative! I live in Illinois but am glad a few states like California are leading the way. 🙂

  2. Shelley Mulholland says:

    Jane, thank you for all your hard work! We all need to help animals more…even in small ways.

  3. Jane Recine says: