Urinary problems in cats

Our cat Tuffy has had urinary issues for the past 10 years. Twice he became blocked which could have killed him (once when he was a kitten… before I knew about this issue and once while we were on vacation).  This condition used to be called FUS but is now called FLUTD. Over the years, we have learned what to give him and what to avoid to prevent flareups. The following is info that could save your cat’s life!

If you notice your cat (typically male cats) straining, trying to urinate in odd places or going in and out of the cat box…get him to the vet right away. Cats can become blocked (which cuts of their ability to pass urine) which could be fatal within 24 hours if not unblocked.  If you are unsure if your cat is passing urine, lock him in a separate room (if you have other cats) and put some paper towel under the litter in his litter box. If your cat is straining but not passing urine GET HIM TO THE VET RIGHT AWAY.

How to prevent urinary problems:

1. Do not feed your cat any dry food. Cats with urinary issues need lots of  moisture. NO DRY FOOD AT ALL.

2. Avoid all foods with ANY fish. Recently the food we feed our cat Tuffy added fish and Tuffy was urinating blood within days. Always double check labels.

3. Add  cosequin and duralactin to your cat’s food on a daily basis or at least during a flare up. These nutrients help reduce any urinary inflammation and have saved our cat many, many times.

4. Avoid stress! Stress brings on urinary issues. If you are having stress due to work, family , money, etc. take a walk and try to leave your stress outside away from your cat. Even house guests can cause cats stress! Of course you can’t always avoid house guests but give your cat extra love and attention during stressful situations which include house guests, construction, moving, visiting animals, bad weather, etc.

5. If you go on vacation, be sure to tell your cat sitter to watch your cat each day and make sure he is not going in and out of the litter box or trying to urinate in strange places.

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